Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk

When How to Make It In America returns, best friends Ben (Bryan Greenberg) and Cam (Victor Rasuk) will be back in New York hustling to become successful designers. With their business finally off the ground, Greenberg says viewers will see them move forward, albeit slowly, while growing personally as well. Check out the top reasons to watch Season 2 when it premieres Sunday at 10:30/9:30c on HBO.

1. The stakes are higher
When the show picks up, Ben and Cam are back from Japan where they've had their first taste of success with their Crisp T-shirts and hoodies. Greenberg says that the pressure is on and the guys have some decisions to make. "They have the opportunity to make their business extremely profitable this season and that shakes up the foundation of who they are," he adds.

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2. No more whiny Ben
Last season began with Ben a bit broken-hearted and unsure that his design skills were enough to make his fashion dreams a reality. But expect a whole new Ben, Greenberg says. "He's saying yes to everything, he's not beating himself up anymore, and he's sick of being broke so he's going to go swinging for the fences."

3. Cam gets a girl
It seemed that while Ben was juggling the ladies, Cam was striking out, but this season he's a bachelor no more. "Cam meets a lovely lady named Lulu played by Nicole LaLiberte who's also in the same business, but very successful. That motivates Cam even more to make sure Crisp becomes a success," Rasuk says. She also helps him to get in touch more with his artistic side, he says.

How Bryan Greenberg made it to How to Make it in America

4. Ben and Rachel try to be friends
Ben and his ex (Lake Bell) remain in the same circle of friends which means they're bound to have continual contact. Greenberg says the two try to make a go at a platonic friendship, but it's not without complications. "In Episode 4, they have their 'Ben and Rachel episode,' when they get invited to go to a wedding of a friend they set up. Since they're trying to do the friend thing, they end up going together," he says. Of course, weddings plus alcohol usually don't keep things platonic.

5. Guest stars
Gina Gershon will play a sales rep who "introduces Ben and Cam to the world they've always dreamed of," Greenberg says. There might also be a bit of flirtation involved, as well. Other celebs include Eriq La Salle, Pharrell (as himself), Pusha T, Joe Pantoliano and Rescue Me's Michael Zegen.

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