Brothers & Sisters Brothers & Sisters

We are gathered here today for... the final episode ever of ABC's Brothers & Sisters? Could be. While shooting the May 8 season-ending nuptials of Sarah and Luc (Rachel Griffiths and Gilles Marini), the cast told me they weren't sure if they'll be back for a sixth season. But in typical Walker fashion, they're not going out quietly. "This is more a season finale," stresses Dave Annable (Justin). "We have a good cliff-hanger to get everyone watching next year."

Here's what to expect: A mystery guest shows up in blue jeans to walk the bride down the aisle. The groom sings a Motown favorite, backed up by all the Walker boys. There may be another engagement. And "in true Walker tradition, somebody related to us turns up and makes us all go, 'Oh, wow!'" says Matthew Rhys (Kevin). Finally, says Gilles, something "massive" happens with Kitty (Calista Flockhart) that demands resolution. "Kitty will be forced to make an extremely difficult decision," confirms Calista. And so will ABC!

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