Danny Glover by Richard Cartwright/ABC Danny Glover by Richard Cartwright/ABC

Danny Glover's much-anticipated eight-episode arc on ABC's Brothers & Sisters, as love interest for the family matriarch (played by Sally Field), may be cut short due to the writers' strike (which Glover supports).

He's already grown attached to his character, an advisor hired by Kitty (Calista Flockhart) to help Robert's (Rob Lowe) campaign. "I like his sensibility. He's funny, he's witty, he's basically a good guy," says Glover.

Despite the uncertainty caused by the strike, he says, "I'm having a good time. I love acting, so it's not a chore. It's just something I love doing."

Glover tells TV Guide he's shot only three of his episodes. While he once did a four-episode turn on ER, he says it's been a while since he's done episodic television, explaining that he had not done TV "in a long time, except very early in my career, and so I don't know how it works, with rewrites. There seem to be a lot of rewrites. But I don't know how it works." - Reporting by Carita Rizzo