The fourth season of Comedy Central's Broad City is going to be a trip — in more ways than one.

The trailer for this new round of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer's New York City adventures previews the ladies' newest series of random, wild adventures: from trying out new sex toys; to battling back anti-abortion protesters; to braving botox injections; to tripping out, to the point of being animated characters in their own lives. It's all over the place in the best way.

In addition to showcasing the litany of raunchy and surreal moments to come in the series' fourth season run, the teaser also introduces some of the season's buzzy new guest stars, including Shania Twain, RuPaul, Steve Buscemi, Wanda Sykes, and Jane Curtin — the latter of which is responsible for the peace pipe that sends the girls into a state of cartoon oblivion that's sure to be a highlight of the season.

From the looks of this preview, there'll be more than one "magical wand" coming in to play this season. (Badumtsh.)

Broad City returns to Comedy Central on August 23.