Sam Lutfi and Britney Spears by Mark Sullivan/ Sam Lutfi and Britney Spears by Mark Sullivan/

A statement from lawyers for Britney's father, Jamie Spears, sheds new light on the behind-the-scenes discussion among the parties involved.

The written document obtained by TMZ defends Mr. Spears from claims by Britney's divorce lawyers that his conservatorship was "nothing more than a hostile takeover of... [Britney] for improper purposes." In response, Mr. Spears' lawyer asserts that his client was looking "for the least ugly way to save this young woman's life, bring her back to her babies, and keep her safe from predators."

Further, the document details Jamie's interactions with Britney, in which she called him repeatedly on Sunday while he was working, and later said that Sam Lutfi has stolen some of her belongings.

Lutfi has been a major issue for the family in recent days. A restraining order based on a detailed declaration from Britney Spears' mother, Lynne, claims that ever since manager Sam Lutfi entered the popstress' life four months ago, "[He] has essentially moved into Britney's home and purported to take control of her life, home and finances." What's more, the section of the court doc chronicling previous harassment finds Brit's mom attesting, "Mr. Lutfi drugged Britney... cut Britney's home phone lines and removed her cell phone chargers. He yells at her. He claims to control everything [including] Britney's business manager, her attorneys and the security guards at the gate."

After Spears was hospitalized for the second time in two months, her father, Jamie, and an attorney were granted conservatorship until at least Valentine's Day. The same judge also barred Britney from contacting Lutfi.

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