Britney Spears by Kevin Mazur/ Britney Spears by Kevin Mazur/

A too-juicy-not-to-share story in The Star posits that Britney Spears has a double-locked secret "fantasy room" on the second floor of her Mulholland Drive manse. Inside, the tabloid claims, are ticklers, whips, an assortment of spanking paddles and a closet full of kinky costumes - including a Catholic schoolgirl outfit, a maid's uniform and a Cinderella dress. "Britney is sexually obsessed," says a source, stopping short of adding, "The sky is blue."

Elsewhere in Britworld:
" TV's Extra has invited Spears to shoot her "Piece of Me" video on its set, because on the track she sings the lyric, "I'm Miss Extra! Extra! This just in." C'mon, Mark McGrath, you know sarcasm when you hear it in someone else's lyrics.
" TMZ reports that practically as soon as the sometime singer finally hired a driver, he was ready to quit, because chauffeuring her around is a "liability." Ya think?
" Details has ranked Kevin Federline at No. 7 on its list of 50 power players. In the accompanying interview, Brit's ex relates, "To be a father is... everything. It shows me how little I am."