Britney Spears by Mark Sullivan/ Britney Spears by Mark Sullivan/
Britney Spears' father Jamie, who has been co-conservator of the star's estate with lawyer Andrew Wallet, on Thursday was given more responsibility for his daughter's affairs, and additional financial control was granted to Brit's brother, Bryan. In a hearing, Commissioner Reva Goetz granted the request for extension, citing signs that Britney's stayed out of trouble (read: dancing, shopping) since Jamie took over. The co-conservators requested that their authority be extended until at least March 10, because a psychiatric evaluation was not ready by Wednesday, as had been expected. The two were also given the new responsibility for her taxes, while Bryan Spears was named a trustee of his sister's trust. As for that pesky issue of her so-called manager Sam Lutfi, however, the court has not been able to serve him his restraining order yet. But there's always another hearing for that. - Anna Dimond

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