Britney Spears by Mark Sullivan/ Britney Spears by Mark Sullivan/
Britney Spears' father will remain in control of her finances until December 31, it was decided in a court hearing Thursday. The ruling extends the conservatorship of Jamie Spears and lawyer Andrew Wallet, who have been in charge of the pop star's affairs since February, following her hospitalizations. Although Brit has made progress in recent months - including getting expanded visitation with her two sons - a source tells

People that her doctors recommended an extension of the conservatorship for the moment. A progress review has been set to begin October 28. In the meantime, Britney's court-appointed attorney

declined renewal of a restraining order against Sam Lutfi, the singer's former "manager." Was the extension of papa Spears' control a smart move, or is the court treating Britney unfairly? Weigh in! - Anna Dimond Related: " Britney's Restraining Order Against Ex-Manager Comes to an End " Federline Wins Sole Custody; Spears' Visits Increased " Britney Regains Overnight Custody " Brit's Visitation Expanded " Use Our Online Video Guide to Watch More Britney Spears