Britney Spears by Gregg DeGuire/ Britney Spears by Gregg DeGuire/
Britney Spears' father Jamie was granted legal coconservatorship of his daughter Feb. 1, following an emergency court hearing. The commissioner who made the ruling, which is pending another hearing on Feb. 4, gave Jamie Spears the ability, among other things, to restrict and limit visitors to his daughter, to employ security guards to protect her - not to mention temporary control of her finances. Within the scope of his authority to secure the property, Mr. Spears was also granted the right to kick out anyone staying there, change the locks and seek restraining orders, as needed. According to TMZ, along with Brit's dad, her lawyer Andrew Wallet is also a legal conservator. Wallet is intended to serve as an "independent voice" in the management of the estate. In the meantime, the presiding commish issued a restraining order against Sam Lutfi. For her part, when Brit heard about the new legal terms of her life, she was, by one account, outraged and yelling during two phone calls made from her hospital ward Feb. 1. Despite Brit's objections, will the stepping-up of the Spears family help get her back on track? Give us your take. - Anna Dimond

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