Britney Spears by Jamie McCarthy/ Britney Spears by Jamie McCarthy/
Britney Spears today left the UCLA psych ward, where she had been receiving treatment for the past week. The pop star slipped out quietly with the aid of private security officers, in stark contrast to the near-motorcade that accompanied her to the hospital last week. In the meantime, a legal turf war has developed regarding control of Spears' finances and estate, and a restraining order was established against Sam Lutfi, Brit's manager. Lutfi, however, isn't taking things lying down. It seems he's hired media guru Michael Sands to help "set the record straight" about him. And yes, if that sounds familiar, that's the same Michael Sands who was a consultant for Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Kaplan. Despite the potential conflict of interest, Lutfi told TMZ that "Michael did his research and found the truth."

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