New information on Britney Spears' legal affairs reveals, in part, why her conservators have taken recent steps to kick her managers - that would be her hired manager, Howard Grossman, and self-described manager, Sam Lutfi - to the curb.

On Friday, Spears' conservators were granted permission to fire Grossman, who, TMZ reports, apparently broke some ground rules, including giving the star access to money and credit cards and offering to have a Mercedes delivered.

As for Sam Lutfi, Grossman claims the Brit-pal made demands for numerous things from the Spears' estate, including money. But just last week, Lutfi was seeking image help from Michael Sands (aka former PR guru for K-Fed's lawyer), who denied that Lutfi was seeking anything in return from Britney - much less money.

Sands told TV Guide that Lutfi "has his own money. What people don't understand," he insisted, "is that he genuinely wants to see [Britney] get better and get her life in order. The only thing Lutfi wants to gain from his role in Spears' life, Sands asserted, is "to help Britney get back to... performing and being a good mother to her kids."

And Sands' response to the suggestion that Lutfi is a sycophant? "He's a nice guy." In the sea of swirling accusations, at least the conservators are getting serious with cleaning house. - Anna Dimond, with reporting by Zoe Alexander

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