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After today's hearing on Britney Spears' custody options, the commissioner announced that she would not have her visitation rights restored, TMZ reports. The case will be reevaluated at the next hearing, on Feb. 19.

The decision came on the heels of a day in which Britney's presence was just as significant as the lack thereof. Following a conspicuous absence during the morning's proceedings at Los Angeles Superior Court, she later made a brief cameo outside the venue. Spears did not testify today, but, in comments to reporters this afternoon, one of the case's officials repeated that she had not been "ordered" to be there.

Brit's quick cameo followed speculation over whether she'd show up for the custody hearing at all. All morning, as media swarmed the scene and spectators gathered outside, lawyers for Brit emphasized how important it was for their client to appear in person. But as the event that an AP source described as "the most significant hearing in the [Spears-Federline custody] case so far" broke for lunch, Britney had still not appeared, and the speculation intensified.

Monday's hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court was the latest lens on Britney's ordeal in recent months, and is all the more dramatic thanks to the 26-year-old singer's police standoff and overnight hospitalization last Thursday. And while the hearing's outcome was predictable, Britney's state of mind will remain TBD until she shows whether she's willing to give us more... to believe in.

Give us your take: Does Brit have any hope of finding the personal support she needs and getting back on track? - Anna Dimond

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