Britney Spears by Jamie McCarthy/ Britney Spears by Jamie McCarthy/

How desperate is Britney Spears to get out from under her conservator father's "thumb" and take charge of her meandering life? Her former manager, Sam Lutfi, reportedly is trying to get Brit an audience with no less than California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Britney says her civil rights have been violated, and she wants to talk to Arnold about it," a source, who overheard Lutfi's call to Ahnold's former flack, tells the New York Daily News. "She wants the governor to look into why she can't get an attorney."

Lutfi refused to give Arnold's ex-publicist Spears' digits, instead saying that if the Gov called him, he'd "hand Britney the phone" - a pretty neat trick for someone who legally shouldn't be in contact with her.