Brian is the odd man out, or the seventh wheel among his circle of friends... which admittedly isn't the most original premise, but Barry Watson's puppy-dog eyes combined with J.J. Abrams' creative ideas make an utterly watchable show with characters that I think could easily become my new TV friends. That said, recently I felt the same way about Love Monkey, and we all know how long that lasted. But there were some sweet moments of originality, like when car girl took over Brian's apartment and then finally vacated the premises and left her little dog, too. Now I can't blame the crazy gal for her love of a good mattress or for taking that amazing apartment, but really, trashing the place and crashing his friend's brunch is just a little bit kooky. But I'm glad to see that J.J. gave one of his old Felicity stars a job. I really, really wanted to see more of the Zap Monkey offices. If they can air-band the Who in the middle of the day, they probably have lots of other fun while creating their indie video games. I hope we get to see more of the office... at least then maybe we'll understand how they can afford all of these amazing homes. Not that I'm complaining... I always have TV-house envy it plays into my TV fantasy. Plus, Barry Watson isn't too hard on the eyes, and you know I wouldn't complain if I looked like Sarah Lancaster, especially with her pretty dark hair and a much better wardrobe than she had when she was hanging out in Colorado. Loved that the two of them even thought to call a cab for their breaking-and-entering escapade. Cute! Anyway, I hope that this show lives on for a little while so we can see Brian "Trishing" on some other gals and maybe, just maybe, finding someone to be the eighth wheel.