Brian McKnight courtesy TV Guide Network Brian McKnight courtesy TV Guide Network

Sexy R&B singer Brian McKnight tells TV Guide Network's TV Watercooler that he doesn't have to work too hard to get noticed by women, "Pretty much I have to just walk into a club and stand under a light," but keeping those women around proves to be a little more difficult. He also gives the dirt on his downfalls in relationships. "Hindsight is 20/20," he explains, "there have been a couple of situations... where we both had a hand in not making it work."

And even though he's got a bit of reputation as a ladies' man and McKnight is nominated for the "Cool Like That" prize at the BET Awards (airs on BET on June 26 at 8 pm/ET), his own family keeps him quite grounded. "Everyone in my family can sing like I can and better than I can," he says. "At family reunions I'm just the piano player."

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