Bravo's back-to-back airing of Kathy's new comedy special and the premiere of her reality series was almost too much of a laugh riot for one person to take. The first words out of her mouth in the special where she proves that the things that happen in her life would clearly not happen to an A-lister like Nicole Kidman are "I can't stand that a------ Ryan Seacrest, and here's why...." Turns out, she's actually got a pretty good reason. Her fast-moving rambles then hit upon Dick Clark, Anna Nicole, Oprah, Barbra Streisand and Clay Aiken, whom she dubs Gayken. I swear I almost peed my pants when she described Clay's very fab-u-lous pooch as so gay it was a "fog." Too much, and all I could think the whole time was how mad my mom, a Claymate, would be that I almost fell off the couch giggling about the description of Clay's sexual preferences, which my sweet naïve mom takes offense to but that still didn't stop me from laughing. Sometimes I think Mom doesn't know best, but it is probably better that way. Especially since I've learned such valuable lessons from Kathy, like that it is cool to pick on Anna Nicole because she won't remember, but you should never, ever paint one of Oprah's mics.