Is Bravo now reality-TV central? They've got Kathy Griffin's series, Battle of the Network Reality Stars and Being Bobby Brown. Normally home to B-listers who are real actors or some kind of actual celebrity, Bravo has become the landing place for reality-TV "stars." It's got pint-size but adorable Charla from The Amazing Race; Bachelor's Andrew Firestone; Trash  I mean Trishelle; insane-o Jonny Fairplay and Omarosa. None of them has a good handle on the game. As a poker player, I was almost in tears when Charla threw away a straight she didn't know she had. Omarosa was oblivious to the fact that she had a flush and Jonny just bet at pretty much any hand. Are these people trying to kill one of my favorite addictive shows? Anyway, Mr. Fairplay lived up to his cruel reputation by calling Charla a Lilliputian and Omarosa "Omagrossa." But at least he was self-derogatory, too, saying that he has no friends. Which, considering he makes remarks like that, is no big surprise. Omarosa pays him back with comments like, "I hear your mouth moving, but you are saying nothing." And even Charla wasn't playing his games: "I don't have any b---s, buddy. I'm a woman." And Jonny is the king of bizarre non sequiturs like "I'm like the STD you call your mom for." He's so off the wall he even had hosts Phil Gordon and Dave Foley begging for the trash talk to either stop or to at least make some sense. Though the more obnoxiously Jonny behaved, the more normal and actually funny everyone else seemed. In fact, Andrew was downright charming. Heck, I think I'd even date him if I were single. And since he was the winner tonight, I think he'll fit in well with the rest of the actual celebrities in the championship round.