Question: How was the book signing?

Answer: I was wondering when someone was going to get around to asking me about that. I was starting to think I'd have to make up a question myself if I was the sort who engaged in such unconscionable activity, which I'm not. The book signing was insane-in-the-membrane fun! Aside from the fact that I completely butchered my first public reading of the introduction to Guide to TV (lesson learned: Just 'cause you wrote it doesn't mean you can speak it), the rest of the event was a rousing success and those are Barnes & Noble's words, not mine. "I have never seen such a crowd at a TV Guiderelated, Friday-night event at the Greenwich Village Barnes & Noble," the event's cocoordinator, Jennifer Boudinot, told me just moments before she blacked out at the unofficial after-party at Fiddlesticks (thanks for the shots, Yvonne!). "The mob was so crazy we're lucky they didn't flip over your limo on your way out! And also, you are the first author ever to give me pink underwear and that includes Adam West!" (More on the pink undies later.) All joking aside, a big thank-you to everyone who attended. Sure, I might've already forgotten your names and faces, but I'll never forget how excited you all were to meet me in person! And for those unable to attend due to the unprecedented gridlock in the area, you're in luck: The extravaganza was photographed and recorded for your viewing and podcasting pleasure! (Note to Aunt Joan: You're famous!)