The Book of DanielMany keen readers of my commentary on this series have no doubt already sensed this, so I may as well come out of the closet, so to speak. I am a card-carrying Satan worshipper. I received my official hood and membership badge over the weekend, and I must say I look fetching in red and black (though I think the hood might be too big, as incantations cause me to hyperventilate). For those of you not already on the dark side, our aims, as detailed in the pamphlets, are to serve the whims of the man downstairs, instigate Armageddon and misspell "Terre Haute." I hope by sharing this you'll understand me a little better. Right. As much as I complain about Daniel's overabundance of subplots, this was the most satisfying episode yet, despite the odd lapse of logic. I knew Michael Vaporelli was gay, but that little bit of flirting he did with Daniel added rather an interesting wrinkle to the life of our beleaguered priest. "Boy, your life never stops getting interesting," deadpanned Jesus, and boy, He ain't kidding. Adam got caught at the Queen's College school for curvaceous blonde girls. (Logical lapse No. 1: How could Adam get horizontal with Caroline in the dorm bathroom without any of the other girls noticing?) Daniel has never been so angry than when he raked Adam over the coals at the diner, which included allusions to a dead Webster son. (No voice-overs, please.) Apparently Jimmy's death made Daniel a less stern parent, but that'll change now that Father W. has opted to kick the painkillers.

You try being flexible while going through opiate withdrawal. Good luck with that one, mon père. In other Webster-family drug news, Grace discovered the maid had been puffing her excess pot. (Logical lapse No. 2: How could the Websters have missed that aroma?) Best moment: The speech-writing scene was a wonderful exercise in whimsy ("The Sermon on the Mount ad-libbed!"). Even better was the actual speech: a direct, sincere and poignant rumination on the ravages of Alzheimer's. Unanswered questions: How long can Bertram cope with his erratic wife's condition? How much longer can the bishop hide his affair with Beatrice? Will Worth try to pry Judith away from Daniel? Is another girl's cleavage the secret to getting the pesky Yoda off of Grace's tail? Adele is a total babe and if Peter doesn't want her, I'll take her. (OK, that last one is not so much a question as a devilish offer.)