Terry O'Quinn, <EM>Lost</EM> Terry O'Quinn, Lost
Yay, a field-trip episode! I love when they go to fun places, like the middle of the desert, or as Angela put it, "About 100 miles past where Jesus lost his sandals." So I feel bad that Angela's three-week-a-year boyfriend ended up as coyote food, but at least she knows that she has a friend who would drop everything and head across the country to help her without a second thought. Bones even brought in backup, and she only had to beg Booth a little bit, "I want you to get federal on his ass." And once there, he only griped a couple of times about the climate. "I'm touring the hottest places in the universe. Next stop hell." I thought for sure that they were going to feel the heat when the sheriff ditched them in the desert, but it is nice to be wrong about people once in a while. Oh, and Goodman is trying to push Zack out of the department, but does he want him out of the Jeffersonian nest completely, or is he just prodding him to get his grad degree? I just adore the Zack-Hodgins dynamic and would hate to see them split up.