John Krasinski, <EM>The Office</EM> John Krasinski, The Office
This was one of my favorite episodes of the fall season. The whole mummification thing was so cool, and above all else, there was something in it that made Bones get all squeamish. Angela, of course, wasted no time rubbing that

fact in: "You pick dead bodies out of mass graves, and ripping out a belly-button ring makes you sick?" Other amusing things? The FBI agent calling Zack "Willard" after he zealously discussed how he's been around crime scenes where rats were aplenty. Bones hyped up on meth and eager to get started on the case: "I'm not at all tired, so I could stay up all night and work." Zack's reason for not heading out to dance: "I've been told I look like a marionette in a windstorm." And Hodgins' reason for why he got to hit Zack with the cane instead of vice versa: "You have arms like noodles, while I'm vigorous and burly." Yeah, hardly. And if all that wasn't enough, they tossed in the cutest dog, Tutti, who could sniff out cadavers buried under concrete. That's a skill, and Bones is right: A little drool shouldn't matter in that case.