BonesBones finally gets a little bit of lovin'  but not from Booth, from her old professor Michael. Too bad the handsome schmoozer just so happens to be on the opposing side in the case she's working on. But only Tempe could find a guy who can make dinner plans over a dead body without any qualms. Love Zack and his theory that if Temperance hooked up with her professor and mentor then maybe there was a chance for him. It's like the circle of life, or at least the circle of lust. Angela  who admitted to dating circus people seemed a bit thrilled to meet the man who tickled Bones' fancy. She even asked, "He cooks, too? Can we share him?" But while Tempe was busy flirting, the chemistry between her and Booth intensified! He seemed almost proud that her competitive nature brought out the best in her, and I might have detected a little bit of jealousy there, too. And she wouldn't dare let her feelings for a guy get in the way of her work, especially when it involved a poor girl who was tortured and then buried in a fridge by a sadomasochistic couple. Bones' summation of her relationship with Michael? "The Olympics are a competition. Ours is a struggle to the death." Wonder if he'll be back any time soon. Oh, and did anyone else feel uncomfortable watching Bones testify? She was so clearly out of her element and pulling out the details of her parents' disappearance was a little bit unkind. But I'm glad that she stood up to it and didn't let Booth get off scot-free, though he did know the best way to beg for her forgiveness was with a murder case at the Washington monument.   

Angel Cohn

It's a month after the fateful break-in. Stacy is still angry with House and spends the greater part of the hour letting that anger seep into her work performance, as evidenced by her barging in and having sensitive legal conversations in front of House's clinic patients. All this because she's so very angry. Yet like House, I'm not taking her anger seriously. I don't know the woman personally but I'm going to venture to say that Sela Ward is too nice to play the heavy. There's some sort of amusement in her eyes when she's chastising him. So I'm not surprised that it only took a two-minute heart-to-heart with House to get Stacy back to casting endearing glances at her ex. And tell me this: Aside from the Law and Order franchise, is there a show on TV where the legal procedure is not slated to take place within 24 hours? Stacy comes into work and is tasked by Cuddy with counseling House and Chase before their impending peer review for a malpractice suit. So basically, they're getting the shaft. The charm of the episode lies in the storytelling. Stacy had to extricate the truth from both doctors while they repeatedly lied to her about what happened with the patient. This, of course, led to some amusing one-liners, like House declaring he's gay when Stacy accused him of hiding something. "It does explain a lot though," he says. "No girlfriend, always with Wilson, obsession with sneakers. " By show's end Chase was off the hook and House was placed under supervision by the panel. His new boss? Foreman. Yeah, that's going to go over well. Wilson had the best line of the night though with his "guess I'm his best friend now," comment. We'll have to wait and see about that.  RC

Well I certainly learned a lesson last week. I will no longer write about a show without also watching scenes for the next week. Last week I neglected to watch the coming attractions, which revealed that Kimber did not bail on Christian she was kidnapped by the Carver! Oh, Dave. So if any of you went back to check, you saw that I updated that portion (thanks to my editor's help). OK that said, how disturbing was tonight's episode? Not disturbing when it comes to the acting and the writing that was first-rate, as usual. I'm talking about the subject matter. Christian the sadist and new patient "Flabby Abby" (an intensely effective Rebecca Metz) the masochist. Never thought I'd see a show where a lead character pathetically asks a not-so-pretty gal to put a bag over her face so he could have sex with her. But I can't condemn this since I know this stuff actually happens. How about Abby's line "Just because I am ugly doesn't mean that I'm attracted to ugly"? We all know that's true, no matter how attractive we are. Brilliant usage of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" during the surgery, by the way. Then there was the disturbing Quentin story line having sex with the army guy (played by Bryce Johnson from Popular), then getting intimate with Julia, denying having sex with the army guy even though Sean witnessed it, outing the army guy, leaving McNamara/Troy and then becoming the resident surgeon at De La Mer. Creep with a capital C. And please may it not be Matt who caused those hate crimes too predictable. But most of all, poor Kimber. Carved and held captive by the Carver, forced to write that note to Christian. I bet Christian seeing Kimber next week is just him hallucinating we shall see. Does next week's "special event" plane crash not look like ER two weeks ago?  Dave Anderson