Katherine Kelly Lang and Adam Gregory Katherine Kelly Lang and Adam Gregory

Did daytime's naughtiest, nerviest soap suddenly get cold feet? The Bold and the Beautiful seemed headed toward a near-incestuous romance between young couturier Thomas Forrester (Adam Gregory) and his dishy stepmom Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). Then, outta nowhere, Thomas backed off and started hitting on several gals his own age — a bit too desperately if you ask us. His oddball behavior even has his uncle Thorne (Winsor Harmon) suspecting the kid might be gay. What's this all mean?

"We are not backing off from the possibility of a Thomas-Brooke romance," the soap's exec producer Brad Bell tells TV Guide Magazine. "This is a slow burn and we will continue to walk the tightrope with those two. Will we go there? Will it happen? We're going to be flirting with that for awhile. Sometimes when you play with fire you get burned."

And how. Expect a huge family explosion the week of March 7 when Ridge (Ronn Moss) finally finds out his wife and son shared a kiss coming back from Paris on the Forrester jet. Dad retaliates by canceling Thomas' red-hot clothing line, "Taboo." Naturally, Sonny Boy won't take that lying down.

By the way, Bell's not ruling out the possibility that Thomas is a closet case. "He's a late bloomer who's finding himself sexually and Adam plays the role with an interesting element of mystery," notes the exec. "Adam's new to us. I'm still getting to know him as actor and assessing his chemistry with the various ladies. Potentially, this could still be a gay storyline."

If so, it'll be way overdue. B&B has long been blasted for not having any gay characters — especially ludicrous considering the show is set in the L.A. fashion scene. "That is a legitimate beef," Bell admits. "And we need to do something about it."

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