Body of Proof Body of Proof

Out with the old, in with the new.

When ABC's Body of Proof kicks off its revamped third season Tuesday, Feb. 19 (10/9, ABC), many of the show's key players won't be returning (RIP, Peter!). But one previously unseen figure from medical examiner Megan Hunt's (Dana Delany) past will be.

Enter Detective Tommy Sullivan (Mark Valley), an ex of Megan's who has recently transferred from the NYPD to her Philadelphia detail for reasons that don't appear to be entirely professional in nature. Picking up months after the Season 2 finale, the premiere finds Megan returning to work after a sabbatical — and suffice it to say, she's not exactly welcoming Tommy back into her life with open arms.

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Valley isn't the only new cast member joining the show. Game of Thrones' Elyes Gabel has also signed on to play cocky Detective Adam Schaeffer, who no doubt will butt heads with Megan at least once or twice.

Watch Megan get a very unwelcome blast from her past in this exclusive clip from the Season 3 premiere: 

Body of Proof - Premiere

Season 3 of Body of Proof gets underway Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 10/9c on ABC.