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Bobby Jon said it was his "lifelong dream" to make it to jury on Survivor. Well after tonight, when he made it to the merge, he is one step closer. I do find it a little hard to believe that it is his lifelong dream. I know that he is young, but the show hasn't been on for that long. I just feel a little bit bad for

Amy, who got sent home, but perhaps it is Gary who should be worried since Amy promised that if she found out he was lying about his football past, she was going to "beat [him] down like a stepchild." Whatever that means. Between her and Bobby Jon, I am always more than a little bit confused by their comments, but I'll just go with it. At least before Yaxha had to vote someone off, they embraced the party spirit and even invited their Nakum "enemies" over for a pool party. That's gotta be a Survivor first I don't remember any unforced visits between tribes. Who knew it was even allowed? Oh, and did anyone else think that the mummy challenge seemed like something that was conceived after a drunken college party that involved lots of toilet tissue? But at least that was fun to watch, unlike the little fishies eating away at the open festering wounds on Bobby Jon's shoulder. Just a little bit too graphic for me, especially around dinnertime. Angel Cohn

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