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Blindspot's Boss on Patterson's Fate, the New Roman and More

Martin Gero teases what to expect in the show's return episode

Tim Surette

Blindspot returns Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC with resolutions to its huge cliffhanger (if Patterson dies, we riot!), a mole revealed and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) scrubbing her brother Roman's (Luke Mitchell) brain of all memories. It was the end of a chapter for the season, which means a new one starts with the next episode.

The winter premiere picks up immediately after the events of the fall finale, revealing who took the bullet that went off in the Borden-Patterson struggle, and what it's like to be a deranged madman who wakes up knowing nothing (hint: it's not good).

To get you excited for the show's return, TVGuide.com got Blindspot creator Martin Gero on the phone to answer all the questions we had going in.

Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander; Blindspot

Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander; Blindspot

David Giesbrecht/NBC

How will the schedule shake out in this half of the season? Will you go all the way through to May?

Martin Gero: I think right now [NBC] has us until May. I think that's the current air schedule, but things can always be moved around. We have 13 episodes left, so that'll take us -- with a couple preemptions -- all the way to May.

Last time we talked, we discussed Jane's decision to ZIP Roman and how she made that decision on her own. How will that decision affect the rest of the team? They have a job to do, and it would have been a lot easier to do that job if Roman had his memory.

Gero: Well I think that's exactly right, they're certainly frustrated with her, but they've come to understand she didn't have a choice. He wouldn't come willingly. It's incredibly frustrating to have this guy who knows everything -- he knows everything we need to know -- but he just can't access it. Not only that, he's still a very volatile, dangerous person. It's a little like the turtle and the scorpion, you know, it seems like a good deal but I don't know if they're going to end up getting stung or not.

You talked about his volatility. This is the second time we're seeing someone go through this process of memory erasing, how will his personality affect that process?

Gero: I think what was so interesting about Jane, one of the things that the show was exploring was the idea of nature versus nurture. Are you the sum of all your experiences or is there an innate goodness or innate evilness to you? With Jane, it seemed like there was just innate goodness in her, because when she woke up she was a very moral, very selfless person. I don't know that's what they're going to find with Roman, I think it's a little greyer with him.

The other thing, too, as far as [the FBI] was concerned Jane was a victim when they met her. Now with Roman, they know he's a terrorist and responsible for a number murders. They have him locked up pretty much right away. So it's a very different world he's entering in as opposed to Jane.

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And because you get to do that flip flop, what kind of topics do you want to explore this time around that you didn't get to explore with Jane?

Gero: Much like Jane was Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) blind spot last season, I think Roman is Jane's blind spot this season. She loves him completely unconditionally, and she sees things potentially in his recovery that others don't see. And we can't tell right away if she sees them because that's what she wants to see or if she sees them because she has a deep bond with this guy. As someone points out [to Jane] I think in the next episode, "You don't have a bond with him anymore. the relationship you had before this is gone, because he's gone." Those scenes are one of the most compelling things in these episode, I think. Luke Mitchell has been such an extraordinary addition to the cast this year, and those scenes he has with Jaimie are so interesting and so filled with excitement.

Reade has been pretty reckless since he found out he may have been abused by Coach Jones. It appears as though he's lashing out or looking for distractions from his problems. Will he continue this pattern of behavior?

Gero: Yeah, I think Reade (Rob Brown) went through a pretty serious trauma this season. Not only was he involved adjacently to the murder of his abuser, but he found out he was abused. That's a huge thing to deal with, and he, I think, he feels like Jones is dead, that's over with, but I don't think it will be that easy for him. I think his behavior becomes insanely reckless and dangerous and self-harming. Rob and Audrey Esparza have really risen to the challenge of telling this story this year, and the second half of the season shows off just how great these two are.

Last time we saw Patterson, she was in deeeeeeep trouble. What's next for her?

Gero: Patterson (Ashley Johnson) is in a lot of trouble, she's in more trouble than I think anyone thought we would put her in. She's going to need the team more than she ever has in this episode. It's one thing for someone to be in trouble, but now it's Patterson, and all of America loves Patterson! It's must-see viewing.

Blindspot: Is Richdotcom joining the team?

Let's assume Borden made it out of the fall finale's cliffhanger alive. Blindspot has a theme of second chances. Should we consider giving Borden a second chance or is he too far gone?

Gero: Well, Borden (Ukweli Roach) has betrayed Patterson in pretty much every way a person can betray another. But it's complicated. What I'm really proud of what we do on this show, is you should always agree with the bad guys. Maybe not their message, but their ideologies. What Brendan Gall did with the script for Episode 9 -- when we did that flashback to see where Borden came from -- it really spelled out in human terms why someone would do something like this. It seems like something that maybe I would do if I were in his shoes.

So can he be redeemed? I don't think so, I think he's firmly in the bad guy camp now. But you never know.

You've been great about giving the audience answers to all the big questions. When do you plan on letting us know how Weller is connected to Sandstorm?

Gero: This season.

What else can you tease about the rest of this season?

Gero: Every season has a beginning, middle and end. Every season reads like a book in a story, in hopefully an ongoing story. I'm so excited about the rest of the season because we're going to give answers to almost every Blindspot question. What is Phase Two? How is Weller connected? What is Shepherd's plan? Big pieces of mythology are going to fall into place over these next 13 episodes at a pretty astounding clip. If you want good storytelling and really emotional action hour, this is the show, lock in the dial Wednesdays at 8.

Blindspot returns for the second half of its second season Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC.