Tina Fey by Mathew Imaging/WireImage.com Tina Fey by Mathew Imaging/WireImage.com

Live from New York, it will be Tina Fey on a new episode of Saturday Night Live! Producers have announced that the late-nighter will return Feb. 23 with the former head writer/cast member at the helm, making it one of the first programs to rebound from the three-month-long WGA strike. (No official word yet on when Fey's new baby, 30 Rock, will return, although Ausiello sez we should see five to 10 new eps sometime this spring.)

"It's been a long dry spell without Saturday Night Live on the air," Rick Ludwin, head of late-night entertainment at NBC, tells the AP. "They've been sitting on the sidelines watching all this happening in politics and the primaries. SNL thrives during an election year and they can't wait to get back on." Indeed! In fact, the last new SNL featured a skit in which Hillary Clinton hosted a Halloween party where the other candidates joked about the inevitability of her presidency. Barack Obama, wearing a "Barack Obama" mask, guest-starred. What a difference three months makes, huh?

Ellen Page, Juno's Oscar-nominated home skillet, has been confirmed to host SNL the following week - honest to blog! - Mickey O'Connor