Black. White.
Two episodes left and it's been a really interesting ride so far. We've seen the Wurgel women,

Rose and Carmen, come to some pretty profound conclusions about what it means to be both black and white. We've watched Nick shed his teenage apathy in exchange for an awareness of the subtle and not so subtle racism around him. We've witnessed the preferential treatment that Brian enjoys by masking his true color. And, of course, we've seen everybody and their sister try to shake loose Bruno's preconceived notions about race so far to no avail. 

I can't tell you how disappointed I'm going to be if that blockhead Bruno doesn't come around before the end of this thing. Did you see him at that comedy club, determined not to find anything funny, and sporting that familiar look on his face... you know, the one he wears whether he's white or black that says "Why am I the only one who gets it?" But Bruno clearly doesn't get it, as evidenced by his meeting with teacher of the year, Fernando. This successful teacher and accomplished musician tries to explain that regardless of his attitude or his accomplishments, he is still judged and discriminated against because he's black. Bruno's response? "What do I say to that... I'm white, you're black?" Umm, how about, "Damn! That is messed up!" Try acknowledging the man's experience and frustration. He wasn't looking for an apology, he was trying to help you broaden your perspective.

Speaking of which, I understand that Brian was also trying to enlighten those future frat boys from Nick's etiquette class, but did he have to be so... severe? Isn't it enough to suggest that certain epithets or racial slurs communicate a lack of compassion and respect? Was it really necessary to say that somebody not as nice as himself would probably give them the beating of their lives the next time they used the "n" word?

Maybe it's Brian's wife's venom rubbing off on him. Four episodes in, and I have yet to hear a kind word come out of Rene's mouth. Maybe Carmen was right to call her what she did a few episodes back... I'm just saying, if the shoe fits. And why have we only seen like 15 seconds of her as a white person? Is it because she doesn't really look the part, or is it because she refuses to play the part? Who knows, maybe she'll come around and play nice with everyone. And maybe Bruno will finally admit that a sunny disposition won't always prevail over 400 years of hatred and oppression. Don't hold your breath. Dan Roberts

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