Black. White. Aaaah, good for Carmen ... she's making progress. Last week she's calling a black woman a creature, and now look at her. She's marching into the heart of Los Angeles' black community as a white woman seeking acceptance. Pretty bold move, considering everyone on camera (and probably off) is shaking their heads and basically saying, "Yes, we know you'd like to buy the world a Coke and teach the world to sing... but it's not 1971 and you're just starting to get the melody...." Thankfully she has Dianne

to set her straight. I like Dianne  so genuine and so, so patient. Did you catch that look on her face when Carmen revealed her true identity it was like "What the...?" Yet there she is, walking down the streets of L.A., giving Carmen the kind of insight that Renee either couldn't or wouldn't. And Bruno is making progress, too no, really! I know he keeps saying he doesn't see racism, even as patrons in a country-western bar shoot him sideways glances, but did you see him squirming in the park after getting the evil eye from the drum circle? Or how about earlier when he and Carmen were in the audience for Dianne's talk show? Could it be that a glimmer of conscience is trying to break through the shell of a man who has it all figured out? Oh, just wait 'til you see his performance piece on black culture next week... imagine Vanilla Ice at 50.

Nice to see another side of Nick as well. Oh, he's a gangsta in his own mind for sure, but when Rose started grilling him over a spaghetti lunch, we finally got a clearer picture. He's really just a confused teenager who doesn't know who he is or what he wants to do with his life. He can't see racism because he's too busy maintaining his image. Why his parents have waited until this point in time to set him straight is beyond me, but it's nice to see his attention shifting to something more substantial than a $150 watch. Dan Roberts

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