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Check Out Black Mirror's Teaser for Its Terrifying Black and White Episode

And is this the spiritual successor to "San Junipero"?

Amanda Bell

Netflix has been doling out more unnerving glimpses of Black Mirror's upcoming fourth season, and if you're romantech-resistant or afraid of dogs, the latest two teasers might not be for you.

Although Black Mirror is unceremoniously bleak on most occasions, it does have some moments of sentimentality that have stood out among fan favorite episodes, like "San Junipero." And "Hang the DJ" appears to evoke some of that wistfulness with a plot that seems at least slightly upbeat as it centers around a dating app that informs potential matches of their compatibility in very exact (sometimes disappointingly so) measure.

Of course, the tone of the teaser can only tell us so much about what to expect from the episode, which is directed by Tim Van Patten and stars Georgina Campbell alongside Joe Cole and George Blagden.

And if the poster is any indication, we might be looking at something more in the vein of "The Entire History of You" or "Be Right Back" than that happy-dory trip to neon '90s mind-heaven.

Meanwhile, "Metalhead" looks to be something built of straight horror. With the tagline "Beware of Dogs" in mind, we're treated to black-and-white imagery of our heroine (victim?) running away a vicious warehouse dog which has enough of a snarl factor to scare her into predicting her own impending demise.

Directed by David Slade, the episode stars Maxine Peake, with Jake Davies and Clint Dyer, and looks to provide yet another visceral terror landscape that should make viewers fear the encroaching abundance of technological weaponry.

It looks to be some kind of slick (and bloody) combination of the fight-or-flight situations seen in episodes like "White Bear" and "Men Against Fire."

Of course, as Black Mirror fans know, it's impossible to predict exactly what's going to happen in any of these episodes because while the themes do seem to collectivize in the end, each installment is it own unique piece of futuristic dystopia.

Black Mirror Season 4 still does not have a premiere date, but Netflix insists it will be before the end of the year.