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Black Lightning Delivers Two Deaths -- and Two Resurrections?!

Well, that just happened

Lindsay MacDonald

Black Lightningtook a turn for the crazy in tonight's episode, killing off one major character and somehow resurrecting two more.

The feud between Whale (Marvin 'Krondon' Jones III) and Lady Eve (Jill Scott) finally came to a head, when he ordered a hit on her as retaliation for his murdered minion. The kicker is that he ordered that it be staged to look like Black Lighting was the one who killed her -- which gave us a really cool lightning bolt gun battle -- therefore framing the town hero as a murderer.

The only kink in his plan was that Black Lighting came after him at the same time. Subsequently, Whale's sister, Tori (Edwina Findley Dickerson), was killed in the exchange of gunfire there.

"I always look back on this episode like, 'Oh this is the episode that everybody died.' A lot of people just bit it," Cress Williams joked at a special press screening of the episode. "I think what's good about it though is if you're not afraid to kill people off it raises the stakes because sometimes you watch those shows where you can never really sit on the edge of your seat because you're like, 'I know they're not going. I know they're not dying.' I was sad to see [Lady Eve] go, but also at the same time, our show is a bit quirky, so we always jokingly say that nobody's really dead necessarily."

Umm... understatement!

Jill Scott, Black Lightning

Jill Scott, Black Lightning

Annette Brown/The CW

When you're dealing with super-powered individuals, literally anything is possible. Even returning from the dead! Somehow, both LaWanda (Tracey Bonner) and Lala (William Catlett), two characters who died in the second episode of the season, have returned to the land of the living. Even more bonkers, LaWanda made herself disappear into a puff of smoke and reappear as a tattoo on Lala's chest.

No, you're not on drugs, that seriously just happened. If you were thrown for a loop by this little development, at least you can rest easy knowing you're not alone. It freaked Cress Williams out too.

"This episode, when I read it... when I saw Lawanda show up, I like - and I'm not much of an expletive guy - but I was like, 'Oh s---!' Like out loud in my own dressing room, I said that," Williams said. When asked to tease where that plot is going, however, Williams could only give the vaguest of hints. "I can just say that Lala has a great journey that keeps you guessing. The last thing we saw was him seemingly choked out, so it's going to keep everyone guessing and hopefully keep generating conversations where people have theories... We don't give it to you right away."

So far, Jefferson and Whale's abilities have been more of a mutation than any kind of magic, but LaWanda's little party trick seems totally mystical. Depending on what exactly her ability is (and how it's linked to her and Lala's resurrection), this could change the game entirely, not just for the citizens of Freeland, but for the show as a whole.

In the meantime, Jefferson is going to have to lay low now that he's been labeled a murderer and not just a vigilante.

"He's going to be a fugitive for a while," Williams revealed. "We've seen already -- at least in this season -- that he's bold in being Black Lightning. He walks down the middle of the street and is not really hiding, and now we're going to see him have to do things a different way because of this fugitive status."

Here's hoping he clears his name soon. We're rooting for you buddy!

Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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