A new teaser for The CW's forthcoming adaptation of Black Lightning is in, and this time, we're learning a little bit more about Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams)'s origins as a superhero... and why he eventually decides to come out of retirement.

In voice-over, Pierce's mentor Peter Gambi (James Remar) reminds the erstwhile superhero, "Do you remember why you became Black Lightning in the first place? You wanted to give the people hope. You wanted the evil that's out there to have something to fear. This city needs you. Black Lightning is back."

Indeed, Pierce is shown revitalizing his power suit and lightning glove before sporting it out on the street, which appears to be filled with an adoring audience that's all too happy to see him back in action (judging by their picture-snapping phones and attempts to wave at the resurrected crimefighting figure).

We also get a couple of glimpses of him wielding his electro-shock skills against the baddies that have taken over his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, and it looks like time hasn't diminished his aim one bit.

Black Lightning debuts on Tuesday, January 16th at 9/8c on the CW.

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