"What kind of hero are you going to be?"

That's the question posed to Black Lightning (Cress Williams) in this trailer that's a mish-mash of The CW's Arrowverse of DC superhero shows, as well as its newest, Black Lightning, which is coming in 2018.

The trailer documents the page-to-screen transition of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning, and it looks cool as heck.

Black Lightning follows Jefferson Pierce, a mild-mannered father of two girls and the principal of a charter high school in a rough New Orleans neighborhood. But that's not always who he was. Years ago, he was Black Lightning, a superhero with the power to control electricity, which he used to keep his community safe. He gave it up for the family life about a decade ago. But now, with the growing threat of gang violence in the neighborhood, he's suiting up again to protect his family and his community once again.

(Black Lightning is not part of the Arrowverse, according to CW president Mark Pedowitz, but you wouldn't know it from this teaser.)

Black Lightning premieres in 2018 on The CW.

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