Legendary actor and comedian Billy Crystal has had a prolific career, but what's the one role he says gets the most attention? No, not Harry Met Sally, but voicing the character of Monsters, Inc.'s Mike Wazowski.

"I walked into the hotel and I must've signed 100 pictures of Mike Wazowski and not one of me," Crystal tells TVGuide.com in our video interview. "People will come up to me with a little kid who knows me from nothing and go, 'This is Mike Wazowski' and the kid will just stare... The father [then] goes, 'Do the voice for him!' Well, now you're in comedy hell."

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Josh Gad, Crystal's co-star on the upcoming new FX series The Comedians, also has a famous animated character he's best known for, of course. Gad and Crystal play versions of themselves begrudgingly paired together for a late-night sketch show on the new series, and in one of the early episodes, Gad has no shame using his Frozen role to get out the duo out of trouble. But has he used Olaf to his benefit in real life? Check out the video above!

The Comedians premieres Thursday, April 9 at 10/9c on FX.