Billy Crystal by John Medina/ Billy Crystal by John Medina/

To celebrate his 60th birthday, funnyman - and avid New York Yankees fan - Billy Crystal will suit up in pinstripes and play for his beloved team.

Crystal will sign a one-day, minor-league contract that allows him to play for the Yankees in Thursday's exhibition game against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Tampa. Though manager Joe Girardi hasn't decided Crystal's role in the lineup, the City Slickers star will wear No. 60 as another tribute to his age.

According to the Yankees, Crystal hit .348 and was captain during his senior year at Long Beach High School in New York. In addition to rooting for the Bronx Bombers at Yankee Stadium, Crystal also directed 61, a movie about the 1961 Yankees and Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle's race to break Babe Ruth's home-run record. - Adam Bryant