Dina Mercado Dina Mercado

At 253 pounds, Dina Mercado went to the Biggest Loser ranch hoping to get healthy for her and her son. Dina was paired with powerhouse Rudy until the fifth week when the dynamic duo was split up. One week later, Dina and the rest of the Black team spent a week at home while Blue remained on campus. Dina's team lost the weigh-in as a result of its trainer-less time. Despite not having the smallest weight loss on her team, Dina was voted out.

"I think things would've been a lot different had the Blue team gone home," Dina told TVGuide.com. "Black team would have ultimately won the weigh-in."

Dina credits competitor Tracey's game play and lack of heart for splitting her up from Rudy and her other allies. "Going into that whole situation I pretty much knew she was going to split us because of the fact that she has played the game from Day 1. I did get pretty upset when she made the comments that she was choosing with her heart... where was her heart for myself and Liz, the people who have been by her side?" the custodian from California said.

Dina isn't doing too shabby now that she's home. The 28-year-old is down to 178 pounds and can finally jump onto the box that gave her trouble all season long.

Watch Dina's "where are they now" clip below.