James Crutchfield James Crutchfield

James Crutchfield knows what it's like to procrastinate. At 30 and weighing 485 pounds, he made it to The Biggest Loser ranch. Although he was eliminated after his first week, the Floridian took what the trainers taught him and went home to lose more than 75 pounds on his own.

So how was he able to do it after numerous failed attempts?

"I realized all I really needed was a jump-start to be more confident that you can go home and do this ... The week that I was on the ranch I learned so much and I was able to bring that home with me and use it," Crutchfield told TVGuide.com.

James' biggest advice for those looking to shed pounds: Don't procrastinate.

"The biggest thing I'd say is, 'Oh, I'll start tomorrow.' Start it that day ... It can be done and that's what The Biggest Loser tries to show people is that anybody can lose weight; they don't have to take more drastic measures. Just start now."