<EM>Big Brother</EM> Big Brother

So the big twist was revealed: America gets to vote on who should get a phone call from home. I don't even care right now. But I feel like I should take any opportunity to vote and express my opinion, so I'm voting for James. Not that I feel he's more deserving or anything, but I've got a feeling he's going to be around for a while. Rachel was sent packing, big surprise. I don't get Ivette's parting comment to Rachel. I could understand if Ivette had been talking about Janelle, but Rachel? I must have missed something. The horse-breeder even tried to keep her partner, Howie, calmed down when he was picking on Busto, um, April. OK, it didn't work, but she tried. And I know that Howie wanted revenge, but now that April's HOH, I'm pretty sure that the funny man will get his dream threesome next week when he's sequestered with Jenny and Rachel. Heck, he'll probably even be happy to go, though I'm not convinced I'll be happy watching the show without him. Even though it was an annoying and conceited comment on his part, he really is the star of the show. Gosh, that's sad.