Big Love
So apparently the morals crowd worries about this show, fearing that if we remove even one ounce of taboo from the notion of polygamy, it'll become acceptable, and then we're all on our way to Sinville together. Obviously, they haven't actually watched. Is

anyone taking in Viagra-popping Bill's plight of a life and thinking, "Oh, gimme some of that?" Wives battling over whose day it is, who gets what and who's getting more. Multiple mortgages and car payments. Poison. Extortion. "Sometimes I really do think I'm gonna blow my brains out," Barb says. And she's the stable one, as louder-than-loud Margene pushes Bill's buttons for a new car and gives his pal Don cleavage shot after cleavage shot, while Nicki continues to manipulate all comers as fast and hard as possible. But at least Bill's got Frank on his side or not, actually. Definitely not.

Favorite moment: Bill climbing into bed with Barb, followed by the next-morning shot of the sprinkler going off. How very Benny Hill. Favorite exchange: Bill returning home to Margene to try to make things right after she caught him with Nicki in their bed. "What happened was a mistake and it'll never happen again, all right?" he says, oozing sincerity. "I still need a car," she replies. Hey, pal you signed on for this. And hell, if Congress wants to ensure nobody goes for multiple wives, all they need to do is devote part of the budget to free DVDs of this show for anyone who's curious. Problem solved, monogamy for all guaranteed.