We've finally got our first photo of Meryl Streep in Big Little Lies!

Nicole Kidman shared the image on Instagram this morning, captioning it: "First day on the set with Meryl and "my" darling boys! #BigLittleLies." In addition to Streep and Kidman, the photo also features Kidman's onscreen twins, who have cozied up to their mom and grandma.

News broke earlier this year that Streep would be joining the critically acclaimed series as Mary Louise Wright, Perry's (Alexander Skarsgard) mother and Celeste's (Kidman) former mother-in-law. Beyond that, details on Streep's character are being kept mostly under wraps, but we do know that she arrives in town concerned for her grandchildren and looking for answers about her son's death.

From the looks of this photo, Mary Louise doesn't appear to suspect Celeste of being anything but a doting wife to Perry — in fact, this looks like a happy family photo — but as we all know from Season 1, looks can be very deceiving. There's every chance that Mary Louise knew her son was abusing his wife, which would evoke a very reasonable amount of suspicion about the mysterious circumstances of his death.

Big Little Lies Season 1 is currently streaming on HBO Now.

First day on the set with Meryl and "my" darling boys! #BigLittleLies

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