One of my big guilty pleasures, Wildfire, had its second-season premiere tonight. We finally got to see what happened with Kris and the race. Turns out Tina Sharp was able to manipulate Wildfire and Kris and won the race. This is why you should never trust a pink power ranger. And meanwhile the Davis family is self-destructing, with Dani making a drunken scene at her father's shindig and Junior deciding to disinherit himself. Then he drives his Porsche into the lake and scares all his friends. Charming. So far I'm glad that Kris is smart enough to take some time away from him while he gets his life on track. She's a smart cookie, but I don't know if I trust that sports agent who wants her to sign a contract with him. She didn't even make him scream "show me the money."Yay, the slutty pumpkin episode of How I Met Your Mother, just plain genius. Watching it again just adds to my theory about how one day Ted is going to meet the slutty pumpkin and then she'll be the "mother" in question. They can drag that out for at least four or five Halloweens. I for one plan on making Kahlúa and root beer the drink of choice at my next Halloween fest. Will anyone show up?... And I loved this House rerun with that adorable little girl with cancer who could even warm the heart of even the Grinch. Too bad House pretty much runs her through the ringer instead of believing that the pint-size patient is really brave. It must be hard to be so misanthropic sometimes, but it sure is entertaining to watch this doctor in action. I should know, I've been ringing in the new year by watching the first season on DVD, and while realizing it is entirely formulaic, this show is almost as addictive as the Vicodin that he readily swallows down. Angel Cohn

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