Question: I was a big fan of the miniseries V and of V: The Final Battle. I heard that a new V miniseries was in the works with some of the original cast. Do you know what the status is of this?

Answer: Well, I didn't until I talked with V creator Kenneth Johnson, who filled me in on the latest. Turns out he's got a script and is ready to go, but, like so many in Hollywood, is waiting for a final yes or no. He was working with NBC, home of the original show, on a sequel that would pick up the story 20 years after the first. But the network changed its mind and decided to remake the initial miniseries, then changed it again and gave him permission to shop the property around.

"Because NBC stalled out, Warner Brothers and I have taken it to ABC, who read the script," Johnson told me. "ABC has expressed interest and I'm waiting to see if that interest translates into me having a breakfast burrito with my crew. That's when I know it's really happening. I hope it does because there's so much interest out there. I'm going to hang in there."

How much interest is there? More than two million DVD units of the original sold and reams of e-mail are coming in, according to Johnson. "That's over two million units for a TV project that's been off for more than 20 years," he noted. "On the DVD release, I put an e-mail address for people to write in with questions and comments. Over half of them said, 'I was 10, 12 or 15 years old when it first aired and now I'm sharing it with my kids' that sort of stuff."

To keep up-to-date with the project or to drop a line of support, stop by Johnson's website. And keep hope alive, Al. The last time I heard about fans dreaming of their favorite sci-fi series being remade, it seemed like a long shot. But not anymore.