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Big Brother: The Second Night of Houseguest Intros Brings the Season's First Big Twist

Which familiar faces showed up?

Adam Bryant

Big Brother didn't waste any time rolling out the new BB Takeover twist this season.

On Thursday's episode -- which host Julie Chen noted was so jam-packed there was no time for a "but first!" -- six more houseguests joined the competition. However, as the players said their hellos, the players all realized there were two empty seats at the dining room table.

Conveniently, Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan showed up to be the first BB Takeover guest. He informed Julie - and later the houseguests -- that since formerBig Brother favorites Jeff and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel had competed on his show, it was time for some Racers to enter the Big Brother house. And so, just like that, Season 26 blind date contestants Jeff and Jackie were thrown into the mix.

But who will that duo be playing against? Let's dig a little deeper into the remaining houseguests.

Photo Gallery: Meet the new Big Brother houseguests

Liz: Liz is introduced in her bikini, so it's no surprise when she says that "jealous girls" will be her biggest threat. She's a marketing coordinator who claims to have no filter, but she says she can control it. (Which is, basically, what having a filter means, right?) Either way, she broke up with her bae just before the show started, so she is single and dying "for all the attention I can get," particularly from Clay, whom she deems a "10 out of 10." Watch your back, Shelli. Based on her intro, I don't think Liz is really in the game to win, but she lasted a lot longer than I expected in the Head of Household competition, so maybe she'll surprise us.

Jason: This grocery store cashier and stock boy might be my favorite contestant so far, though I will acknowledge his shtick might wear thin really quick. He's got a huge personality and a wicked awesome Massachusetts accent, and he's playing the game to get out of his crappy job and living in his mom's basement. Even though he's small (Austin the wrestler said if he were Seabiscuit, Jason would be his jockey and Da'Vonne likened him to a Pee Wee Herman she wants to put in her pocket), he proved himself worthy by winning his group's HOH competition. So, keep your eyes on him.

Vanessa: I want to believe, like Vanessa does, that her skills as a poker player make her a threat in the game. But what I don't want to hear is her compare every single thing she does in the house to game theory or taking risks and gambling. We get it, already. Props to her for winning $4.5 million in poker tournaments - which could make someone wonder why she needs to play for $500K all summer --but when it comes to her game skills, I'd prefer a show-don't-tell approach. (However, her "gamble" to sit out from the HOH competition supposedly will pay off. Also of note: Both players affiliated with poker didn't compete for HOH. Weird.)

Big Brother's new houseguests: Our snap judgments

John: I think he's officially taken Meg's title as most annoying player in the house. First strike, he's this season's yeller. You know, the person who speaks way too loudly in the diary room. Add to that his creepy excited laughs (if you can call that noise he made a laugh) during the HOH competiton and his claim that he finds relationships hard because all the women he's dated are gold diggers after his dentist money, and he didn't make a good first showing. (However, his bit did hilariously prove that Da'Vonne, who claims to be a great bluffer and reader of bluffs, isn't very good, since she firmly believes John is lying about being a dentist.)

Becky: As a Denver native, Becky loves hiking and other outdoors activities. She was raised by hippie parents and seems to be a pretty chill person as a result. She didn't really make an impression otherwise, other than winning points with me by also being turned off by Jace's bro-ness when he called her home state "'Rado."

Steve: And this season's token nerd is a music and audio engineering student who loves math and is socially awkward. Some houseguests instantly peg him as this season's Ian, who, like Steve, was a superfan. But can Steve go all the way like Ian? Seems doubtful based on his HOH performance, where he predictably was the first player eliminated. Jury is out until we see how his brain actually works in the game.

Jeff and Jackie: They both agree that they have targets on their back coming into the game with an already established bond. (Da'Vonne is suspicious because they already did "Gulliver's Travels together.") But that also means they have someone watching each other's back, since it seems they have worked through some of their differences since running the Race. However, Jeff insists the duo is still just very good friends. As if we could forget this face.

So, what do you think of the second batch? Who do you think James and Jason should nominate? And who do you think is the identical twin? (That answer will be revealed next week.) Until then, hit the comments with your theories!

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