Big Brother
Day 33 Kaysar is evicted. Say it isn't so! Well, at least I know who I'll be voting for in the America's Choice that's an easy pick. However, I'm pretty sure that I am in the minority and that Eric will be the one resettling at the old homestead come next week. I guess it could be Michael or, if I can convince enough people that Kaysar is smart and nice to look at, maybe he'll have a shot. At least we all know it won't be Ashlea, since she decided to go back to her real home instead of waiting around for the chance to return to the BB barracks. I can't decide whether that was smart or dumb. But I am trying to console myself that even though K was sent packing, my second-favorite person in the house won the Head of Household competition. Having Howie around to stir things up for a week should be amusing. Will he pick his nominees based on who has the best and worst boobies? Or perhaps the comic relief of the season is really a lot smarter and more strategic than he lets on. Maybe  the act is all part of his genius master plan, or maybe he'll just institute peanut butter-and-jelly wrestling with Howie, things could go either way. I'm just praying that he'll be able to get rid of James by putting the liar up on the block along with his little girlfriend so she can't save him this week. And note to Sarah: I know the whole idea is to be married and have kids soon but, sweetie, do you really want to be tied down to a guy whose own family thinks he can be manipulative? I don't think we have a winner here.  Angel Cohn