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Ousted Big Brother Houseguests React to the First Ever Triple Eviction

Dani Briones says her downfall was aligning with people she 'didn't necessarily like'

Dalene Rovenstine

Three times is not a charm for the evicted houseguests of Big Brother All-Stars this week. In the first ever triple eviction, Kevin CampbellDavid Alexander, and Dani Briones were sent home.

After surviving four previous weeks on the block, Campbell's fifth time led to his eviction. He attempted to win favor with HOH Cody Califiore but ended up getting on Calafiore's bad side when he threatened to withhold his jury vote. The house unanimously voted to evict him over his fellow nominated houseguest, Alexander.

Within minutes after Campbell's eviction, Memphis Garrett won Head of Household for the third time in the season. He nominated Alexander and Nicole Franzel; his ally Christmas Abbott won the Power of Veto and declined to use it. Despite having a former winner on the block, the house voted in a 3-2 vote to evict Alexander.

Shortly after the second eviction, the houseguests were told (after accidentally seeing it on a screen with a flub from production) about the unprecedented triple eviction. Tyler Crispen won the second HOH comp of the night and put Franzel and Briones on the block. Again, despite having a former winner on the block, the house unanimously voted to evict Briones.

Freshly in the jury house, Alexander, Campbell, and Briones spoke with TV Guide about what it's like living in the Season 22 house.

Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell, Big Brother All Stars


You were on the block five times! You didn't seem like a big threat in the house, so why do you think you were targeted so many times?
Kevin Campbell: I was on the block five times — cinco — because I was not a huge threat. People thought that they can just put me on the block and just be like, "Hey, sorry, I had to do what I had to do," or they felt like they could make me feel good about it the following week. They felt like there would be no repercussions. That was my only card that I can play back. Whenever they would nominate me, I would have to follow up with like, "Hey, are we good, because I don't want you to feel bad about nominating me." I didn't really have an alliance to go back to to be like, "Yo, get them for me, retaliate." And so I think they recognize that I was this person who is a loner, and that they can kind of pick on me it felt like because there was no one there really to back me up. And that's why I was struggling this whole season. I felt it. I felt like, "God, this is a terrible experience to be constantly nominated. [laughs] Oh my god."

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And why do you think you were able to sneak through each time?
Campbell: I think I was able to sneak through being nominated and ultimately not evicted four times out of the five because two of the times the Veto was used on me. I won the Veto one time; and the second, I was able to convince Da'Vonne and Da'Vonne was brave enough to use the Veto on me. The other two times is because I think I was less of a threat in comparison to who was on the block. That's what a pawn is. And I'm so annoyed that that's how I was being used this season. And I wanted to break that as much as I could. But I just couldn't win competitions to do so. And I didn't have the people to help me to do so. And so you're kind of having to make do with what you're given. And I was given just the situation with this mix of people. And I had to just make it work.

You and Cody didn't ever truly connect, and we saw that really come to a head when you tried to talk to him about why you were on the block. Why do you think you two didn't ever click?
Campbell: Cody and I never really connected, and it really did come to a head in our conversation in the HOH room. Cody, to me, just didn't seem like a very genuine person. He always was on. Like, he always felt like to me like he was acting, like, "What can I do for the cameras?" It never really felt like I had a genuine moment with him. And something about him ... I cancelled him, unfortunately. I unsubscribed very early on when I felt like him and Nicole had a relationship that maybe existed outside of the house. And I thought that was really unfair. I just don't like the unfairness that I perceived him to have. And if I'm wrong, then I really need to apologize. I just saw somebody who had an unfair advantage. He was always acting fake. And I thought, "Ugh, I just don't like that." I tried as best as I could to hide it, but I'm not a great actor myself. And so it just really ultimately came to a head in that conversation where he tried to do his whole like, "I'm a nice guy. Oh my gosh. Sucks to be me. Sucks to be HOH. It's your fault. The reason why I have to do what I have to do."

David Alexander

David Alexander, Big Brother All Stars


What was it like playing with All-Stars? 
David Alexander: It was very difficult because people [have] played, have been in the seat, have been a vote away, have won a lot of competitions, have manipulated or played people very well. It's very difficult to come in inexperienced trying to navigate, outplay, outmaneuver, these "mon-Stars" is what ... I considered them. It was fun, though. I can't take away having the experience versus last year not having an experience. So even though it was tough, I'll take it all over again.

Now that you do have more experience in the house, what would you change in your gameplay this season?
Alexander: I would be less timid to try to work with allies or gain allies. Maybe try to work my way into multiple alliances. I would have come in with more knowledge of the game if I had viewed more of this show [and had an] understanding of the different dynamics of each person that was coming in. If I could have came in as less of a rookie and more as a fan and admirer of the people in the house, that could have gave me bonus points on the social game.

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Bayleigh was a big ally and what seemed like a BB mentor to you in the house. How hard was it to play without her when she was evicted?
Alexander: I really enjoyed playing with her, but when she left, it made it difficult. I felt like she trusted me. I felt like we had a relationship that was working well in terms of us trying to figure out what was going on in the house and trying to figure out a way to navigate it and play the social game with everyone. So I was crushed when she left.

Dani Briones

Dani Donato, Big Brother All Stars


What went wrong? You were sitting next to a former winner on the block, but you were the one evicted — why?
Dani Briones: I truly believe that I was the one evicted next to Nicole because I was a much, much bigger threat. People don't see Nicole as a threat. Nicole's not playing the same game that she played when she won. And there's no question in my mind, I was a much, much bigger threat. And also, the way that we were playing this season was a lot of times you couldn't go after certain people. You have to have somebody else go after them for you. Cody and Enzo, they could never go after me. Memphis, it would be probably a little bit hard for him too and to have me up there to get me out and no blood on their hands, technically. It was an easy out... cop out.

Your HOH week was pretty brutal with you having to nominate so many people. Would you change anything about it looking back?
Briones: My HOH was horrible. And I didn't even want to be an HOH. That was the funny part. I literally was trying to throw this competition, and it was the worst one ever. However, I think I came out with my hands really clean. I think I dealt with it better than most people could have in that house. Would I have changed anything? Yeah, I would have said, "David, don't use your power." [laughs] I really wanted Tyler gone that week, and I really wish he would have gone that week. If it wasn't for David's power, Tyler would have gone that week. So, yeah, I wish I could have stolen his power and had him not use it.

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In the second eviction, did you debate voting out Nicole instead of David? Why or why not?
Briones: Never ever would I have voted out Nicole, especially next to David. Nicole is my girl. I would never. It wasn't even kind of in my mind. Actually, she asked me if I was one of the votes to evict her and I found that extremely offensive — and kind of telling, too, because why are you even questioning that? Would you have voted me out? Because never in my mind would I have ever voted against her. No.

Clearly there's no love lost with Christmas — why did you stay in an alliance with her for so long?
Briones: OK, I need everybody to know my loyalty was always to the core four, not to the Committee. I liked the Committee because Cody and Nicole were in it — not because Memphis, Tyler, Christmas were in it. I was like a ticking time bomb. I wanted to blow that alliance up so bad for so long. The way I play this game, I've always played with people that I like and people who I want to go far. I think my downfall was sticking with people who I didn't necessarily like, didn't necessarily trust, and did not want to go far. They were the ones that got me. I was trying to get them. I should have pushed harder. That's all it comes down to.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.