Bronte was the victim of the first house flip on Big Brother 18 Thursday, but she wasn't completely in the dark about the change to evict her instead of Tiffany. James had given her a heads-up 20 minutes before it all went down.

"I found out through James and my initial feeling was to vomit," Bronte tells via email. "I then thought about my friends and my family and I got excited to know I'd see them soon."

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After being assured she was safe all week, it would've been perfectly understandable for Bronte to go off in her eviction speech, but she took the high road. Instead, Tiffany went scorched earth on Frank and Bridgette — or "the dictator and his Cabbage Patch doll." Suffice it to say, Bronte was not a fan of Tiff dragging her fellow Spy Girl. "I believe in staying classy at all times," she says.

Bronte, Big Brother 18Bronte, Big Brother 18

The aspiring mathematician also bit her tongue when it came to Jozea, with whom she regrets aligning at the beginning of the game. The rub? She knew Jozea's "messiah" ramblings were off-putting, but like a true disciple, she stuck by his side.

"I did sense that he was rubbing people the wrong way," she says. "At that point, though, Natalie and I both felt it was best to stay true to our word and show the house we were trustworthy houseguests."

Fortunately, she won't have to deal with Jozea if she wins the Battle Back to return next week — nor will she be so quick to trust. "I would second-guess everything people tell me, which I did not do the first time around."

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