Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory

Received your invite yet? On the SAG Awards red carpet, The Big Bang Theory cast told me that invitations to Howard and Bernadette's spring wedding are in the mail!

"I was stuffing invitations in the last episode we shot, so we're moving closer to the wedding," says a very excited Melissa Rauch (Bernadette). But the actress admits she had a bit of anxiety when she remembered the fate of George's fiancée, Susan, on Seinfeld, who died from licking toxic wedding-­invitation envelopes in 1996. "I didn't actually lick any envelopes, so knock on wood, death isn't in Bernadette's future."

The next step on the road to the altar seems to be casting Bernadette's family. "They've hinted to me that my character is going to have a conversation with her father, who'll be a little wary," says Simon Helberg (Howard). Can ya really blame him?

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