Jim Parsons and Wil Wheaton Jim Parsons and Wil Wheaton

Star Trek; The Next Generation alum Wil Wheaton has long been a thorn in the side of Big Bang Theory's Sheldon (Jim Parsons). That thorn will sting even worse when Wil throws a party at his home next month with an exclusive guest list that includes his old Trek co-star Brent Spiner, who played android Data, and Leonard (Johnny Galecki).

Big Bang Theory executive producer Chuck Lorre tells me exclusively, "It's fun for me to meet the Star Trek actors because I grew up with these guys and it adds a little level of reality to the show that allows our hard core scientists to get a little silly around Star Trek actors."

As a bonus to hardcore Trekkers, the sitcom is dotting the soiree with some well-known behind-the-scenes Star Trek crew members, including original Star Trek series writers David Gerrold ("The Trouble with Tribbles") and D.C. Fontana.

The episode airs Oct. 13. Look for more story details and a first look photo in next week's TV Guide Magazine

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