Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch

The Big Bang Theory executive producer Steve Molaro wasn't the only one reaching for the Kleenex during the last scene of Thursday's season finale (8/7c, CBS).

"I was crying too!" Melissa Rauch tells "I felt very bad for the makeup people because every take, she had to fix my eye makeup. It got really bad!"

Big Bang scoop: Will Howard get married... or rocket into space?

What could be triggering these tears? Could Howard (Simon Helberg

) and Bernadette (Rauch) finally be tying the knot? Or is he rocketing off into space? "All I'll say is the scene is super emotional," Rauch teases of the shot that features the entire cast. "I always loved those scenes where the whole cast is together and this one is definitely one of my top favorites, if not favorite. And the scene is so wonderfully written. I just think the writers did a phenomenal job with the outcome of Howard's dilemma."That dilemma, of course, stems from NASA having moved up Howard's launch in last week's episode to the Friday before the couple's scheduled Sunday wedding. Although Bernadette suggested they postpone their nuptials last week, she has a change of heart in the finale, as seen in the sneak peek below, and the gang rushes to put together a wedding before Howard blasts off. "I think this episode really shows the love the characters have for each other," Rauch says. "They always do a very good job with showing that heart. Everyone puts up with each other's idiosyncrasies because they have this affection for one another. The finale highlights the fact that they are a family and have created this family of friendship. Howard and Bernadette want to get married before he leaves, and everyone really bands together to try to pull this off."

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Whether or not they pull it off is the question, but they do end up in a tux and a wedding gown. Rauch says Howard's two predicaments will be resolved by the end of the episode. While she has always believed that Howard and Bernadette belong together, Rauch says she didn't have a preference either way if they got married or not this season."I knew whatever the writers decided would be good," she says. "I've loved the NASA story line. It complicates our story line, but it also makes it cool and interesting. I think it's easy when you couple people off to write within the relationship, but there's more to all of us than our personal lives. I love that he's going after his dream and furthering his career. Honestly, I had no idea what the plan was until I got the script. ... When I read it, I read it like I was a super-fan at a live taping. There was crying, there was an 'Oh my God!' There were of 'oohs' and 'aahs' and 'Oh, no! Ugh!'  When I finished, I was like, 'That's how it should be.'"But will fans think that's how it should be as well? "I hope so!" Rauch says. "It's a really great episode. I think some people might cry too."The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.