Beyonce Beyonce

Beyonce is Sasha Fierce on stage, but at home? She's just a slob.

"I'm a little messy," she tells the April issue of Ebony magazine. "Oh, yeah. Whenever I'm out in public, I have to be put-together. When I get home, I rebel against it and I don't want to take care of anything. I drop it."

Home life is all about relaxation, the songstress says, which means letting it all hang out. "I don't have any shoes on. No makeup," she says. "My shoes are left at the door. My purse is in the kitchen."

Her idle ways don't sit well with her husband, Jay-Z, though. "I think that is the most difficult thing for him," she said. "He's very, very organized."

Hey, opposites attract, right?